New site launch!

After a few years with my old website, I have finally gotten round to freshening it up. A new site now compatible with tablets and smartphones – yes, I know, I should have done that a while ago. Here’s a little explanation as to why this was the right time for this update.

This season has been, let’s say it, pretty intense. It started when I won the first prize for women in the opera category at the Marmande international competition… As a mezzo-soprano! After I decided to change Fach a year before, I had many doubts, having sung soprano since I was eight-years-old. I literally had nightmares that I would show up at auditions or competitions and would be laughed at.

Well, you’re not bad, but why are you singing this? You’re no mezzo-soprano!”

As we do. The old impostor syndrome. But to be fair, it was a strange situation: higher or lighter mezzo-sopranos are in any case always a little bit at the threshold, and have to deal with people’s opinions on whether they really are mezzos or sopranos on a daily basis. So, switching from soprano, I was expecting a lot of that.

But do you know what happened? Well, not that. not what i had been dreading. Not at all in fact. The feedback was consistently positive and encouraging. As if I had simply finally found my fit. After more than twenty years singing slightly too high. It was about time!

And everything started to change, I am now evolving vocally every week, auditions have never gone so well, and I feel so excited about exploring this new repertoire!

So, what happened this year? I changed agency, and started working with Florence Brunel. We got along immediately, and started getting auditions and engagements right away.

Let’s give you SOME of the excitement for next season:

  • I will sing in the young artist’s production of L’Elisir d’Amore at the Théâtre-des-Champs-Elysées in Paris, and then at the Opéra de Rouen, respectively in February and March next year! It is a small role, but I am so excited to work for these houses, and that they liked my audition!
  • Having recorded the role of Messaggiera in Monteverdi’s Orfeo (I KNOW! the CD comes out in December 2020) with Emiliano Gonzalez Toro and I Gemelli – an ensemble which is becoming like a new musical family – I now have concert dates for the fall, including the Opéra Royal de Versailles in December.
  • I have been invited for a Bach concert with Jos van Veldhoven conducting Pratum Integrum in Moscow, singing Soprano II in Bach’s Magnificat BWV 243. For those who aren’t sure, soprano 2 in baroque music is basically the equivalent to the more recent voice-type of mezzo-soprano.

There is more and hopefully there will be even more to say, but this post is already far too long. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the new site! I will try to keep it more up-to-date than the last one…